Building on sloping ground is often more favorable than it appears. For some, an inclined property may even be a preferable alternative for creating a uniquely designed home since it offers a variety of creative opportunities and benefits.

In Davao City, residential developments like these are hard to come by, but not completely defunct. One such development is Northcrest, a premier Asian Tropical-themed residential community nestled on rolling hills in the secluded side of Buhangin.

Here are some reasons why Northcrest’s sloped lots make for a compelling setting for your dream home:


Unique Architecture and Landscaping

Architectural rendering of an Asian Tropical-themed house in an upslope lot on a cul de sac in Northcrest Phase 2

Architectural creativity is one of the key perks of having a home on rolling terrain. The topography presents opportunities for innovation and a myriad of possibilities on how you can go about building and designing your home. The slope itself inspires the concept of the home since the goal is to build a structure that melds well with the natural environment.

Building a home on sloping ground also allows for a variety of options when it comes to landscape architecture. You have the option to either manicure the land surrounding your home, use the terracing technique, or just let the natural environment remain untouched. Regardless of your preference, the undulating grounds will surely add points of interest and charm to your outdoor space.


Stunning Views

Architectural rendering of a cantilevered house in a downslope lot in Northcrest Phase 2

Homes built on rolling terrain usually offer fantastic views, which is a boon if you’re living close to nature. There’s nothing better than waking up with a view of lush greenery and blue skies from the comfort of your home.

Unlike relatively flat terrains, where every structure lies at almost the same height and elevation, sloped lots allow for the roofline of houses to vary and stagger, which make panoramic vistas available to more homeowners.


Energy-efficient Design

Asian Tropical-design optimizes daylight and maximizes natural ventilation

A home on a rolling piece of land, especially one that follows the Asian Tropical design aesthetics, affords homeowners an abundance of daylight, fresh air, and cooling breezes. Since building on an inclined lot usually necessitates a split-level structure to maximize space, this means more opportunities to let in daylight and natural ventilation.

These prized features carry a ton of health benefits, such as enhanced mood, better sleep, and higher productivity. They also help decrease energy bills and improve the overall aesthetics of your home.

So if you are searching for a piece of property to build a home with a unique charm and picturesque views, Northcrest cannot be beat. Its lush, undulating terrain combined with the community’s first class amenities make it the perfect setting for your dream home.

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Architectural Renderings by Arch. Raphael Ferrazzini