While Davao City is at the peak of its development, a lot of its natural green spaces and traces of its vibrant heritage remain. These prove that progress, nature, and culture can co-exist beautifully in one city. It’s no wonder locals proudly call Davao City their home.

In this article, we list the things that make Davao City such a great place to live in.

Booming Economy

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In 2021, a government survey ranked Davao City as the fourth Most Competitive and Highly Urbanized City in the Philippines.

Key infrastructure projects like the Davao City Bypass Road, the Davao Coastal Road, the Mindanao Railway, and the expansion of the Davao International Airport have made Davao an investment magnet, as seen in the city’s thriving real estate, tourism, manufacturing, and agribusiness sectors.

Even micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises seem to be doing well too, as evidenced by the new businesses mushrooming in various parts of the city. All these indicate that the city is teeming with opportunities.

Beautiful Naturescapes

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Though Davao is a bustling metropolis, the city is within the vicinity of a number of highland attractions, pristine beaches, and other natural wonders that locals relish and draw in tourists.

The city also boasts of several public parks, playgrounds, and urban green spaces that encourage physical activity and nature appreciation. While a lot of these parks and playgrounds are temporarily closed at the moment due to the pandemic, the city recently opened the Davao Coastal Road to allow the public to walk, bike, and get their much-needed exercise.

In local real estate, there is a city ordinance that mandates developers to allocate an additional 10% green space on top of the 30% open spaces required by the national government. Some residential subdivisions even go beyond 40% to offer their residents a healthy living environment.

Good Food in Abundance

Because of the region’s abundant natural resources, Davao City is blessed with good quality, affordable food.

The vast fertile lands of the region bestow a variety of fresh, tasty fruits and vegetables available all year round. Aside from commonly grown crops like bananas, pineapples, pomelos, and mangoes, other special mentions are the exotic durian, which draws foodies from across the globe, and Davao’s world-famous cacao, which is used by several award-winning chocolate brands.

Davao also boasts of a wide array of fresh fish and seafood, thanks to the long stretches of coastlines in and proximate to the city.

Rich Cultural Heritage

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Davao City is a melting pot of varied cultures, which include local migrants, ex-pats, and 11 tribes that live harmoniously together. This diversity forged a colorful history and unique culture that drives the local art, fashion, and music scene today.

Indeed, it’s the city’s customs and traditions that bring people together. Earlier this month, Dabawenyos came together to celebrate the city’s 85th founding anniversary through virtual festivities. Another highly anticipated affair is the Kadayawan Festival, an annual fete described as a “celebration of life, a thanksgiving for the gifts of nature, wealth of culture, the bountiful harvest, and serenity of living,” which is slated in August.

Peace and Security

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Of course, no prosperity can happen if there is no security. This is why the local government has made peace and order a top priority. Programs like the Task Force Davao and Davao Central 911 are highly-appreciated as they lessen crime incidences and systemize emergency response.

In line with this mission, a 2,000 sq. m complex in Northtown, Cabantian comprising police, fire, and Central 911 stations was donated by real estate developer Alsons Development and Investment Corporation (Alsons Dev) to the City Government of Davao. It is the country’s first and only integrated safety and rescue facility, which allows the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), Philippine National Police (PNP), and Davao Central 911 to streamline their response to distress calls in the areas of Cabantian, Indangan, Acacia, Tigatto, and other barangays in the Buhangin District, one of the most populated areas in the city.

Considering the aforementioned factors, it’s no wonder Davao is touted as one of the country’s most livable cities.

If you are convinced and ready to make Davao City your new home, consider investing in one of Alsons Properties’ well-planned, nature-centric residential communities offering generous open and green spaces.

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