With the challenges and changes brought by the pandemic into our day-to-day living, personal wellness is more important than ever. Healthy bodies, refreshing experiences, and engaged lifestyles are now a top priority as we look towards the future. The right community is important to help you get there.

Northtown, a premier mixed-use township located in Buhangin District, is known for its top tier facilities and beautiful natural environs. With the upcoming launch of Northtown Residences 3, the township’s vision of a healthy, upscale community is elevated a step further.

Here’s what to expect at Northtown Residences 3:

Privacy and Exclusivity

Lots at Northtown Residences 3 are more spacious, private and enclosed in a scenic enclave of natural landscapes. What makes Northtown Residences 3 unique is that it only has 138 limited, prime lots. Most of these lots are single loaded, which means your lot traverses through two blocks. It’s the ideal place to create your dream home in a quiet neighborhood.

Lush Environment

As you enter Northtown Residences 3, you are greeted by a panorama of generously tree-lined streetscapes and wide, open spaces with shrubs and flowers landscaped around the entire community.

Designed by JM Zialcita Landscape Architects, these beautifully curated scenes of greenery are created to achieve the concept of a ‘refreshing’ residential community. Thirty-one percent of the land area at Northtown is devoted to wide green lanes, parks and open spaces, surrounded with the lush greenery of existing gardens and several mature trees, which will surely give relaxation for your mind and senses. Exposure to the natural environment contributes to reducing stress levels and boosting the immune system. Reinvigorating and calm, the pleasant green environment is the perfect aesthetic environment for modern residents.

Improved Accessibility

Northtown is easily accessed from the city’s thoroughfares within minutes through three main routes: Cabantian Entrance for a quick access to the North, Tigatto Entrance leading to Maa Diversion Road via Waan Road, and Buhangin Entrance— a six-minute drive away from St. Mary’s Church through Balite Drive, just before Northcrest. Once you enter the community via these routes, getting to the main attractions of the township is possible within minutes.

A Unique and Rewarding Living Experience

The best advantage of living at Northtown Residences 3 is that you can enjoy the rest of what Northtown has to offer: wide expanses, amenities, satellite parks, and commercial and institutional components in the town center. Future Northtown residents can expect a healthy, holistic, and nature-inspired community that’s truly like no other.

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