The pandemic has made it difficult to arrange events and party celebrations. Even interaction with friends and family has also been limited. However, in recent months Covid-19 restrictions are slowly being lifted. People are able to go out to meet with friends and family, and even organize events and parties, while still following safety protocols of course!

Here are some intimate party ideas you can try when planning celebrations with families and close friends

Host Camping activities and Outdoor Movie Marathons

Host a fun and merry party in the comfort of your own backyard. Arrange fun outdoor activities such as camping, movie marathons, and outdoor games for both kids and adults!

Bring your projector, colorful tents, blankets, and pillows. Suit up in your most comfortable pajamas, and lay outside in the stars. Breathe in the fresh air while you fire up your outdoor grill, roast some delicious barbeque, and prepare a wide variety of snacks and sweets for your guests to enjoy!

Watch some iconic Christmas classics or rewatch the whole Marvel movie series in chronological order, everyone loves a good Marvel marathon.

Challenge your guests to some competitive fun with party games such as charades, Pictionary, Jenga, and a wild session of Never have I ever. Sit back, relax, roast some smores, and have a nice glass of wine around your makeshift fire pit in your very own backyard.

Selfie and TikTok Stations are the new Photobooths

Pictures speak louder than words. Although photo booths are outdated due to the popularity of selfie culture, new social media platforms allow people to create unique photos and videos. So level up your house party celebrations with some fun and aesthetic backdrops and selfie boards for your guests that will allow them to relish the memories both offline and online!

Spice up the boards with some vibrant, colorful lights, greenery, and flowers, or find Pinterest inspiration for unique backdrop designs and decoration ideas.

Give your guests a chance to create amazing content with your TikTok and Selfie stations. It will be a hit for guests of all ages, especially the hard-to-please teens! They will forever cherish their fabulous pictures and videos.


Unique Masks and Hand Sanitizer Party Favors

Everyone loves a good party favor, especially if it’s something useful like masks and matching hand sanitizers! Give your guests something memorable and useful during this holiday season.

Themed face masks could come in varieties of colors, patterns, and decals, simply choose the best one that will compliment your party’s theme and uniquely labeled sanitizer bottles to match! As an added touch, you can include mask lanyards to make them convenient to use.


Outdoor Destinations for your Celebrations

Minimize health risk by hosting al fresco gatherings. No matter the occasion, there is surely an outdoor venue that will suit your needs.

For instance, the Northcrest Resort offers several event facilities best for poolside celebrations. In line with the community’s Asian Tropical aesthetics, the Northcrest Resort’s Ballroom and smaller function rooms utilize sliding doors that allow natural light and natural ventilation into the venue. It also gives guests easy access to or a beautiful view of the resort’s pristine pool amidst beautiful landscaping.

Northcrest Resort is open to both homeowners and non-homeowners. For inquiries or bookings, contact the Northcrest Homeowners Association at 324-2479.

Another outdoor soiree to try is a picnic by the park. Parks are the perfect venue for those who want to celebrate in nature, surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant flora. Parks also offer ample space for plenty of games and activities for both kids and adults

A simple yet memorable gathering such as this would be perfect in community parks like Fernwood’s Myrtle Park. Not only does the park feature gazebos that homeowners and their guests can conveniently use, Myrtle Park also highlights a stunning view of the city from 900m above sea level, which will surely make your celebration Insta-worthy.

Fernwood’s Myrtle Park is exclusive for its homeowners. To know more about Fernwood, visit

For extra special gatherings or important milestones, consider booking an al fresco event space exclusively for you and your guests.

The Lanai and Kitchen Studio in The Club at Northtown is the perfect venue for a dinner party. You can hire a chef or a catering company to set-up and serve freshly cooked meals from the Kitchen Studio. The Contemporary Tropical vibe of the Lanai makes it a casual yet classy venue for an evening celebration.

The Lanai and Kitchen Studio with Pool package allows three hours of use of the venue with a maximum of 100 guests (including suppliers) and free pool use. The schedule for the Lanai and Kitchen Studio is as follows:

Monday & Wednesday
10:30 AM – 1:30PM
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

For your inquiries about the venues, please contact 0966-3070-997, 286-6692 or email [email protected].

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