What do you miss most about traveling? Is it waiting with anticipation at the airport, exploring the streets of a new country, or maybe sipping a drink beneath the palm trees? We’ve all been dreaming of going somewhere else for more than a year now. Unfortunately, lockdowns and travel restrictions keep us from packing our bags, so it’s either that we put our wanderlust for travel on hold, or we find a workaround to still enjoy a vacation in a beautiful destination, somewhere close to our primary residence.

The next big thing in travel could be access to vacation homes, especially those near-natural landscapes. There is a growing trend of homeowners looking for vacation homes not too far from the city, especially in outdoor-friendly destinations. Most of these in-demand homes are within a driving distance of 300-500 kilometers, eliminating the risk of exposure compared to other means of travel. This market is growing at a rapid pace and it’s quite an exciting prospect.

Travel Patterns Are Changing

It’s a brave new world that we live in. Health and safety is still top priority, and sticking to more familiar options is a better decision to make for now. Because we’re used to staying at home, we’re more comfortable knowing that we’re staying in a place we can call our own instead of hotels and other accommodations. Having a vacation home gives you the feeling of breaking away from life’s stresses, all while maintaining a sense of personal comfort and homeliness.

Most buyers also consider this as an opportunity for remote work. With a vacation home, visitors can work and relax in the same place. As long as businesses and employers extend options to work remotely, vacation housing and second homes will remain a popular choice.

Why More People Want a Vacation Home Near Nature

It is no secret that we like to be immersed in nature. There is a growing interest in nature and open spaces now that the pandemic warrants social distancing, so it is not surprising that people are searching for homes in vacation areas with access to nature.

People are looking for vacations that can offer them more than just a chance to rest and recover after a hard-working week. They are not only searching for beautiful destinations, but also for an experience where they can step away from their primary residences, spend happier times with their families, or just enjoy a private getaway to call their own.

Enjoy a Vacation That’s Close to Home

As our vacation habits adjust during the pandemic, our best bet, for now, would be vacation homes or getaway communities. These provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy life in another place, where you can do what you want at your own pace.

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