There’s something about being amidst nature that’s so invigorating. When you’re under the sun, trees, and feeling the cool breeze, you feel light and easy. We just feel better. How much more if we take short walks a few times each week?

It’s more relevant now that some of us might be putting our usual fitness routines on hold while we navigate our way through this pandemic. But even in this situation, there’s never been a better time and a bigger need to be interacting with nature and taking good care of our bodies.

Let’s walk through these five benefits of spending time with nature.

Walks in Nature Helps your Memory

If you’re working long hours doing brain-crunching tasks, you’re likely to experience mental fatigue. Take a break from your thoughts and experience the sights and sounds of nature. Its restorative effects can improve focus, restore mental energy, and help your mind refresh and recover from mental fatigue. The quiet calm of nature clears your mind. Notice the beautiful surroundings to remove yourself from your own thoughts.

Brightens your Mood

Have you ever come back from a nature walk feeling happier than when you left? Nature walks are an amazing way to boost your mood. In this recent study, researchers found that immersing oneself in nature reduced feelings of isolation, promoted calmness, and lifted their patients’ mood. Choosing a natural setting also provides a respite for our overstimulated minds.

Form of Exercise

Your body craves movement. If you’re spending more time sitting at your desk job, the more you need some activity even for a few minutes a day. While walking seems ordinary, a walk-in nature makes a lot of difference. It’s an easy exercise to start with if you’ve been inactive for a while and does not require any special equipment either. You’ll discover that it feels great to break a sweat! And once you gain some traction, why don’t you step up the game and go for a jog or run?

Unplug and Reconnect

We turn to our screens for work, play, and leisure for long periods of time. Our phones and devices, helpful as they are, are infinity pools of distraction. That’s why we can feel the negative effects sometimes such as stress, feeling overwhelmed, eye strains, and migraine.

Log off for a few hours and take a mind reset by immersing yourself in nature. This way, you can resist distractions and spend more quality time with your thoughts. Nature walks leave you feeling refreshed, grounded, and helps you be in the moment.

Creative Inspiration

It’s amazing how nature can help calm your senses and inspire your mind at the same time. If you’re feeling stuck with your ideas and you feel like you need a breath of fresh air or a long walk, spending time in nature might be what you need for creative inspiration. Natural sceneries and the grandeur of landscapes make us feel in awe. At that very moment, we enjoy a ‘time abundance’—like we have all the time in the world to look at and absorb the natural views. A walk in nature can help you see things in a new light, reduce brain fatigue, and finally lead to getting that creative block out of the way.

You don’t need to go on a trip to experience the benefits of being outdoors with nature. You can do this at your local parks in the community, tree-lined neighborhoods, or whatever works near you. Communities like Northtown and Northcrest offer tree-lined streetscapes and various parks, while Eden Ridge features beautiful natural landscapes at the foot of Mt. Talomo.

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