Living in the metropolis is indeed an exciting experience. It’s where goals and dreams are made possible and brought to reality. We turn to the city with its promises of a great life, but the path is not easy. There’s a point where the hectic workday and the air, light and noise pollution wears us down, and we just want to go home in peace and quiet after a long day—something that is quite difficult to attain when living in a busy environment.

For those who want to enjoy a tranquil, clean, and quiet neighborhood while still being minutes away from the city, living in a suburban community might just be your calling. Let’s go through some of the benefits of taking a spot at a property that’s not too far away from the busy center.

More Space and Privacy

The appeal of living in the suburbs is how they present a stark difference between themselves and the regular city townhouses. Such suburbs are places where you don’t have to deal with congested alleyways, and members of your family may freely move around with ease. Also, because of this extra space, you have more privacy, since neighboring houses are just far enough to let each resident mind their own business.

Exclusive Amenities

Just because you moved away doesn’t mean you cannot have fun and convenience in your new neighborhood. Some high-end suburbias offer amenities that you and your family can experience, all without going too far from home. A few of the master-planned amenities to look out for in high-end suburbs include swimming pools, parks and playgrounds; pavilions for sports and gatherings, and fitness stations. Northtown, Alsons Properties’ premier township, has leisure, convenience, learning, and emergency support all in one address.

Better Work-life Balance

Whether going to the office or working from home, living in the suburbs is a pleasant advantage, especially during this pandemic situation. Most work-from-home setups push us to keep external noise at a minimum, but oftentimes we have no control of barking dogs, noisy traffic, and other distractions outside our home. The suburbs are a lot quieter than anywhere in the city, and this enables you to work at home with ease.

If you’re back at the office, living in the suburbs is suitable for you as well. What’s a better routine than doing business in the city by day, and resting in a quiet neighborhood by bedtime? It all boils down to picking a strategic location close enough to the city, but peaceful enough to retire for the day. Living a suburban lifestyle allows you to achieve the elusive work-life balance.

Be Part of a Close-knit Community

It’s great to be surrounded by people who likely share a common lifestyle and aspirations as you. Forming friendships with your neighbors can lead to a greater sense of cooperation and solidarity, something that can save you in times of unexpected circumstances or distress.

Where we live plays a huge role in our way of life. Our overall health and well-being is a top priority when looking for a place to stay. If you want to thrive in a sweet balance between a peaceful home life and the joys of the metro, living in the suburbs is definitely the preferable choice.

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