Dining out in a restaurant isn’t the safest option this year, but there are still many other ideas you can explore for a fun and romantic Valentine’s celebration. Our suggestion? Pack some food, lay out a blanket, and enjoy a beautiful sunset picnic in one of our communities’ many parks with your loved one.

Whether you’ll be spending the occasion at one of our parks in Northtown, Northcrest, Eden Ridge, Fernwood, Wood Lane, Woodridge, Las Terrazas, or Ladislawa, make sure you have everything you need ready to go with these lovely ideas for a great Valentine’s Day.

Light A Scented Candle

Ideal for providing a subtle source of light and setting the ambiance, scented candles add an extra touch of romance to the entire set-up. Opt for floral, spicy, or warm and cozy fragrances. It’s also a great idea to light a citronella-based candle to act both as decoration and as a natural bug-repellant.

Use your Good-quality Cutlery

It may be an outdoor date, but that doesn’t mean you should dine with paper plates and plastic forks. Using good cutlery keeps things special and romantic, and provides a fun and fancy contrast to the ruggedness of nature.

Get Comfy

To make sure you don’t end up short on space and that you have all the area you need to lay out your food and plates, it’s best to pack the largest blanket you have. You may also want to bring your throw pillows and extra blankets for added comfort. Remember, keeping things comfortable is key to enjoying a fun picnic.

Pack Fresh and Easy-to-eat Foods

In keeping with the outdoor location, having a light and simple menu for your picnic is a great option. Mediterranean-style salads with fresh produce and olive oil, grazing baskets with crackers and cheese, finger foods like homemade sandwiches and pizza, and your pick of fresh fruit are just some of the great eats you can bring along.

Don’t Forget Dessert

Sweets are an important part of Valentine’s! Whether it’s just going to be you and your significant other or you’ll be bringing your children with you, dessert is certainly going to be something everyone will enjoy. Chocolate treats such as cake and chocolate-dipped fruits are wonderful dessert options that are as indulgent as they are easy to prepare.

The best celebrations are often the most simple, and this Valentine’s Day, nothing can beat the simplicity and charm of a well-planned outdoor picnic. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about where to hold it as all our communities offer verdant spaces that are perfect for setting the scene for your date. Hopefully, these ideas help you prepare everything you need for an enjoyable Valentines!

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