Looking to refresh your living room, bedroom, or your home interiors in general? It’s essential to select the right colors, and there’s no better color combo to go with than Pantone’s colors of the year—Ultimate Gray and Illuminating.

Pantone selects a pair of colors every year, and this year’s selection was specially picked out to convey a message of optimism and positivity that’s balanced by a sense of stability and fortitude. A neutral shade of gray and a zesty shade of yellow may at first appear to be an unlikely duo, but these two colors harmonize wonderfully, so don’t be afraid to use them in your home. With some interior designer-approved tricks, adding a dash of Ultimate Gray and Illuminating into your home is no problem at all.


If you’re a little nervous about trying out the colors, a good way to test them out is by using them to accent different areas in your home. Add bright yellow throw pillows to your living room and pair it with a neutral gray rug for starters. From there, you can begin to see what other areas of your interiors could do with a pop of Illuminating or could be toned down with Ultimate Gray.

Muted Gray Pottery

People tend to avoid shades of gray in fear of turning spaces dull, but in this case, gray decor adds a sense of elegance and calmness to your space, especially when this shade is opted for in pottery and vases. Whether you choose matte stone pots or glossy ceramic vases, it’s bound to bring a new depth of sophistication to your interiors.

Yellow Artwork

A good trick when incorporating bright hues to your space without overdoing it is with framed artwork. Modern abstract or minimalist concept art in vibrant yellow shades would make for an eye-catching piece that adds energy to your home without being overly-distracting. It can be a perfect complement to yellow or other citrus-hued furniture in your home, and of course, it makes a great companion for gray-toned pieces.

Different Shades

Although Pantone’s Illuminating and Ultimate Gray are specific shades of yellow and gray, it’s worth noting that you can also explore other shades within the color family. Combining paler, more muted versions of the two colors together make for a lighter, airier ambience. When used along with bolder shades, colors like pale lemon and barely-there gray add dimension to your interiors.


Avoid monotony by choosing gray and yellow pieces that have patterns and textures. This helps you add variety to the motif without adding new colors that may result to interiors that look overwhelming. Curtains with subtle geometric designs or throw blankets with rugged textures can help you achieve polished interiors without ever being dull.

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