As fun as it sounds, Christmas decorating can get quite confusing. There are so many types of ornaments that you can buy and there are so many exciting ways to put them together in your home.

What should you pair with your gold ornaments? Is it too much to combine more than two colors together? Is it a good idea to stick to one color? As your trusted premier real estate brand, we’ve gathered a couple of ideas to inspire you. Get ready to envelope your home in stylish holiday cheer.

Jewel Toned Christmas

The Christmas season is synonymous with rich hues that enhance the luxurious ambience of your home. If you’re one of those people who want to try intense colors outside of the traditional red and green, exploring similarly-striking jewel tones is a great idea.

Seek inspiration from this Jewel-toned tree by Balsam Hill.

Darker shades of blue such as royal blue and plum lend a regal tone to your decorating, while amber-toned ornaments provide a much needed dash of warmth to balance it out.

Fairytale Holidays

If you want to keep your decor lighter but at the same time whimsical, going with a paler shade of blue and champagne is a beautiful option. This motif offers a fresh take on a frosty Christmas look without going over-the-top, while also keeping things colorful and elegant.

A fairytale-worthy tree decorated in light blue and gold by Blue Gray Gal.

The light blue hue evokes that icy winter vibe in a playful manner, while the touches of gold complement the formal, fairytale Christmas theme.

Frosty Christmas

If you’ve been dreaming of a white Christmas motif but you aren’t sure about how you can achieve it without your decor looking dull , know that’s all about selecting the right ornaments. Conveying a snowy white Christmas doesn’t exclusively require all white decorations.

Rustic brown ornaments add a lovely touch to an all-white motif. Image by TLC Interiors.

Ornaments that match traditional winter scenery, such as pine cones, bunches of berries, and silver accents make for gorgeous white Christmas-themed holiday decorating.

Rustic Filipino Christmas

There’s truly no Christmas like a Filipino Christmas. A tropical take on holiday decorating makes for a wonderfully familiar and unique motif, with elements echoing our traditional parol and ornaments made of abaca and various fibers native to the Philippines.

Paskong Pinoy Christmas tree at Pan Pacific Manila. Image from What’s New Out There.

Trimming your tree and other areas of the home with warm lighting further accentuates the homey ambiance and ties everything together.

Old-School Classic

It doesn’t get anymore classic than with the timeless colors of Christmas—rich hues of red, green, and gold. Since your tree is already green, saving green decor for sprucing up staircases and doorways is ideal, while propping up your tree with gold and red baubles sets the holiday mood perfectly (although a green ornament here and there should still look lovely!)

Classic Christmas hues as displayed on this tree with trimmings from Balsam Hill.

Exploring different shapes and textures with your ornaments can lend an even more festive feel to your motif.

Whichever decorating scheme you opt for, we hope that you have a great time bringing your vision to life, or better yet, we hope it becomes a fun stay-at-home activity for the whole family to partake in, because this holiday celebration should bring everyone closer together.

From Alsons Properties, your go-to brand of real estate developers in Davao City, we wish you and your family a happy and healthy Christmas celebration!

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