Staying at home has become the best way to avoid the virus, and as much as it helps us stay healthy physically, so much time indoors can cause others to feel restless and weary. Fortunately, there are ways to combat symptoms of cabin fever and make the most out of staying at home.


Balance out your diet


If you’ve always been meaning to lighten up your daily eating habits with fresher, more nutritious fare, now is definitely a great time! This period can be a great opportunity to overhaul your diet with more balanced choices since you’re more likely to be eating home-cooked meals than dining out, meaning you have greater control over what you put into your dishes.

This improved focus on your nutrition can prove to make you feel better inside and out. The act of cooking itself, which allows you to exercise your sense of creativity, also provides a sense of relaxation and enjoyment. If you’re not sure where to begin, there are plenty of fun recipes available on cooking sites that your mind and body will thank you for.


Pay extra attention to rest


Now that there are no after-work activities or late night get-togethers, and there’s no need to wake up extra early to get to work, many of us now have a chance to be more easy on ourselves.

If there is anything we should be able to get from staying at home more, it is getting more rest, whether this means allowing yourself to disconnect for a while and enjoy some serene meditation, or to simply get to bed earlier to catch extra hours of sleep.


Get a bit of sunlight daily


Living in a tropical climate may mean we don’t experience things such as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). However, not getting out as much means we are prone to getting the blues due to the lack of exposure to sunlight. Unlike before when we could go to the beach to enjoy a day out in the sun, things aren’t as simple now.

Basking in the morning sun while you sip your coffee, or taking your pet out on an afternoon walk every other day are relaxing, easy, and safe ways to make sure you’re getting enough sunlight.


Don’t stay glued to the news


As essential as it is to stay updated during this time of uncertainty, it is important that you do not let news take over your life. It’s enough to know what’s going on and what precautions must be taken, and leave it there.

Constantly monitoring news sites and stations for updates may contribute to more anxiety and fear, which may not be helpful when you’re trying to maintain a healthy and positive mindset.


Engross yourself in hobbies


Another important thing that this quarantine period has taught us is how helpful having a hobby is. Whether they’re simple activities like growing plants or baking muffins, or more advanced-level tasks like fixing up your car or DIY furniture building, having a hobby or two is great for relaxing.

If you still haven’t found something that sparks your interest, feel free to try out bits and pieces of everything like macrame, painting flower pots, venturing into Italian cooking, learning chess, or even teaching yourself to play an instrument—the possibilities are truly endless!

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