Whether it’s because people want to bring the outdoors inside, or because they’re simply discovering their green thumbs, it can’t be denied that taking care of plants has become a popular hobby. With that said, you might want to try it yourself, or maybe you already have and you’re looking for more avenues to grow your plant family.

As a real estate developer in Davao City best known for its lush and beautifully landscaped communities, we are happy to help budding plant enthusiasts on their journey. Here’s a list of the best online shops you can visit to nurture your new pasttime.

1 – Plant Indy Davao (@plant_indy_davao)

Filling your space with greenery can make a big difference when you spend so much time at home. Plant Indy Davao has a slew of beautiful greens, from gloriosum to the Philodendron Jungle Boogie. Each plant adds a refreshing and organic vibe to your indoor space.

Image by @plant_indy_davao on Instagram

Follow Plant Indy at @plant_indy_davao on Instagram and stay tuned for new uploads. Hurry because they sell out fast!

2 – Pottie Plants Davao (pottieplants)

Looking for a plant shop that can supply you with basic gardening tools as well? Pottie Plants has virtually everything that a plant newbie could want. Apart from the plants being lovingly cared for by the shop owner, they also offer a great community for plant-lovers who may be new to the hobby.

Image by @pottieplants on Instagram

Check out available plants at Pottie Plants Davao at @pottieplants on Instagram today!

3 – Plantitas Davao (@plantitas_dvo.ph)

Aside from bringing you beautiful varieties such as Moonshine, Futura Robusta, and Laurentii, Plantitas Davao is also up for answering questions and concerns about taking care of your leafy friends. Each plant for sale comes with a brief background info to help you care for your plant. You can also shop their Instagram for upcycled ceramic items that can complement your potted plants.

Image by @plantitas_dvo.ph on Instagram

Visit Plantitas Davao’s Instagram page at @plantitas_dvo.ph!

4 – Plantology (@plantologyphilippines)

If you’re making serious plans to refurbish your indoor space and want to incorporate plants into it, you’d be glad to know that Plantology doesn’t just have plantson hand, but lovely pots and furniture, too. Their plants and furniture pieces are perfect for adding a modern twist to plant-centered decorating.

Image by @plantologyphilippines on Instagram

Shop plants, pots, and furniture at @plantologyphilippines on Instagram.

5 – Plant Project Davao (@plantprojectdavao)

Plant Project Davao is a must-visit for plant-lovers who are looking to give their greens a lovely rustic touch. The shop sells woven baskets in every size you could possibly need, as well as coco poles and various gardening tools for the advanced hobbyist. All the things you’ll need to take good care of your Chinese Evergreens or Caladiums can be purchased from Plant Project Davao!

Image by @plantprojectdavao on Instagram

Visit them on Instagram at @plantprojectdavao to check out what to add to your collection.

Having a healthy collection of plants in your home doesn’t just add a much-needed touch of the outdoors, but can also help you achieve cleaner air, too. Hopefully you’ve found shops that will help you nurture your newfound passion!

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