Staying healthy can be done in a variety of ways. Aside from getting enough sleep and following a well-balanced diet, regular exercise is a wonderful way to keep the body in the best of health, physically and even mentally.

With gyms closed and outside activities restricted, adapting our fitness routines to the confines of our home is a must, especially since staying at home makes us more likely to fall into a sedentary lifestyle. While you wait for the next time we can enjoy our community amenities,, stay in shape with these indoor-friendly workouts. All of them are guaranteed to get your heart pumping and keep your immune system in fighting form, no equipment necessary.

1 – Jumping Jacks

If there’s anything that will get your heart rate up, it’s a good set of classic jumping jacks. This form of exercise has been around for quite a while and is still turned to for good reason. It’s simple yet effective in keeping your heart and lungs healthy. Try doing this continuously for 15 seconds, then build it up until you are able to do it for an entire minute.

2 – Lunges

Keep your leg muscles strong with another go-to exercise, lunges. The exercise is done by first standing with your feet apart and parallel to each other. Take a big step forward with your right leg, bending your right knee until your left left knee lands on the floor. Your left knee at the back should drop down toward the floor. While executing this, make sure your right knee and right toes are aligned to prevent knee injury.Try doing this 10 times then move on to the other leg for another set of 10 lunges.

3 – High Knees

This is another popular form of cardio and it can be done in two ways: 1) As you lift and push your left knee up to your tummy area, do a little jump. 2) For those who are wary of stressing out their joints, simply lift your knee up to your tummy as precisely as you can without the jump. Try doing this continuously for 45 seconds and feel it strengthening your tummy area as your heart rate goes up.

4 – Push-ups

Another work-out staple that’s very much doable at home. Apart from building strength in your arms, it also encourages strength in your core area, provided that you do it with the correct form. If you’re not used to doing push-ups, start with the variation where you drop on your knees. Once things get easier for you and you are able to carry your weight better, you can progress to doing sets of 15 full push-ups at a time.

5 – Squat Jumps

You’ve probably heard of squats and how good they are for your glute muscles. Incorporate some cardio into this strength training classic by ending a squat with a quick jump. Begin by standing with your feet apart, lower your body carefully as you do a regular squat, then once you’re at the lowest point of the squat, spring your body into a nimble jump. Take it slow for the first couple of tries then adjust your speed when you’re comfortable. Try doing 15 squat jumps at a time.

6 – Burpees

Burpees are also fantastic when it comes to covering strength training and cardio at the same time. Burpees are notoriously difficult to do at first, but over time, you will see it pay off as it works out your whole body and your heart. With both hands out in front of your chest and your legs apart, squat down until your hands touch the ground. Get into a push-up position, do one rep, get back into a squat, then jump up with your arms raised above your head. One burpee may leave you breathless, but doing 15 of them (not necessarily fast) everyday is a great way to keep your body agile.

7 – Mountain Climbers

This is another exercise which can be difficult to pull-off at first as mountain climbers are an intense combination of cardio and strength training. Start by getting in a plank position, and stretch your arms so that your hands are directly under your shoulders. Flatten your back, tighten your core, then lift your right knee toward your chest. Return your right knee to a plank position then lift in your opposite knee toward your chest. Continue alternating until you finish a set of 20 reps, one left knee and one right knee per rep. Remember to take your time and to ease yourself into it.

Hopefully, these workout ideas will keep you active and keep those endorphins rushing while you await your next badminton game at the Northcrest Resort or your next tennis game at The Club at Northtown. To stay updated on the re-opening of community facilities, make sure to follow Alsons Properties on social media: