As the world undergoes the current health crisis, it is now more important than ever to ensure that your home is clean and free of germs and bacteria, which could potentially put your family at risk.

Beyond offering premier real estate properties, Alsons Properties advocates the importance of maintaining a clean home as a way to stay healthy. Here are some of the helpful steps you can take to ensure that your home remains clean (and safe!) at all times.


1 – Disinfect high-touch surfaces

High-touch surfaces are, as the name suggests, those areas of your house that are most prone to being in contact with unclean hands. This can vary from home to home, but common high-touch surfaces can be: door handles, handrails, tables, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, as well as chairs and tables. These surfaces also often include smaller areas such as taps, light switches, phones, computer keyboards and mouses, tablets, remote controls, controllers, and even your kids’ favorite toys.


2 – Don’t wipe the disinfectant solution right away

Disinfectant solutions are highly effective in ridding surfaces of germs and bacteria. To get the most out of these solutions, however, it’s recommended that you do not wipe it off too soon after applying it to a surface. Lots of disinfectant products, whether in wipe or spray form, need to be left on the surface for several minutes in order to be fully effective. To avoid damaging more sensitive items, such as electronic devices, it is best to double-check with the disinfectant’s provided instructions and recommendations.


3 – Pay more attention to clothing and fabric

Viruses, including the COVID-19 virus, are known to survive on fabric. Although it is still unclear whether it’s just for a couple of hours or days, experts all recommend that the highest degree of caution should always be practiced. Aside from removing your shoes upon entering your home, it is a good idea to immediately change out of our “outside clothes,” bathe, and change into clean clothing.

In relation to this, it is also highly advisable that clothes are segregated more carefully. Clothes that have been worn outside must be separated from clean clothes and other clean surfaces. Other items around the house that are made of fabric, such as your curtains, bedsheets, and upholstery, should also be laundered regularly as these are prone to accumulating bacteria.


4 – Before touching anything else, wash your hands

Washing your hands as often as possible is incredibly helpful in avoiding getting sick. When you get home from a grocery run, for example, experts recommend that you avoid touching handles with your bare hands and immediately wash your hands. After you handle items that have not been disinfected yet, you must also immediately wash your hands before touching anything else, especially food or your face.


5 – Disinfect items before taking them inside your home

Whether it’s groceries or take-out that’s been delivered to your house, giving your outside-bought food items a good cleaning using disinfectant wipes is absolutely vital. While there is yet to be proof of the virus surviving in the food itself, there is a high risk of contamination with regard to its packaging and you can never tell where it’s been. The same goes for any packages and deliveries made to your home. The chances of their packaging carrying the virus are simply too risky to ignore.

For items with plastic packaging, you can simply spray one area of the external area with disinfectant solution, let it sit for a bit, then wipe accordingly. If you’re dealing with fresh fruits and vegetables, however, it is better to wash them in soapy water thoroughly since their porous skin can be more difficult to rid of microorganisms. After wiping off your purchases, place them onto a clean surface.

Always keep in mind that at a time like this, you can never be too careful when it comes to ensuring the cleanliness of your home. As a trusted brand of high-end real estate property in Davao City, Alsons Properties wishes to remind everyone to stay safe and take extra care of their health. Together with our frontliners, we can beat this pandemic!