The month of hearts is once again upon us. Whether you’re spending it with your significant other, your entire family, or your pals, there’s no better way to end that get together than with the perfect sweet treat.

To help you pick out the best dessert place, we’ve rounded up five of the best restaurants around Davao City with absolutely delectable dessert offerings.

Lachi’s Sans Rival ATBP

Their famous Sans Rival as captured
by Davao Food Guide


More commonly referred to by loyal patrons as simply “Lachi’s,” this restaurant is well-known for its wide array of dessert options at reasonable prices. Along with the homey atmosphere of the restaurant, their full meals, ranging from Filipino favorites to appetizing takes on Asian dishes, as well as the desserts themselves are wonderfully reminiscent of your mom’s home-made treats.

Their 5-Chocolate Torte as captured
by Davao Food Guide

They have classic favorites such as Apple Pie, New York Style Cheesecake,  French Style Chocolate Cake, and of course, Sans Rival. It’s also a great idea to try out special desserts that they’re known for, such as their Green Tea Cheesecake, Luscious Mud Pie, and their Symphony Torte.

You can visit Lachi’s at Door 1-H, Values School Building, Ruby Street, Marfori.  They also have branches on the first floor of SM City Davao and along Tulip Drive, Matina selling only cakes and pastries for take out.

Osvaldo’s Cakes

The Blue Cheese, Fig & Walnut Cheesecake from Osvaldo’s Facebook page

If you’re into rich and decadent desserts, then you’re going to love Osvaldo’s Cakes. Note that it isn’t a restaurant where you can sit down and eat, as Osvaldo’s is primarily a cake shop and offers cakes for pick-up only. (Tip: This gives you the perfect chance to go on a post-dinner dessert picnic under the stars!)

Osvaldo’s Cakes’ Classic Carrot Cake (Photo from Osvaldo’s Cakes’ Facebook page)

One bite into their, “deep, dark, and wickedly chocolatey” Chocolate Fudge Cake and you’ll see the trip was well worth it. You can also try out their Carrot and Walnut Cake for a hearty dessert that’s sweet, a bit toasty, and perfectly moist. If cheesecake is what you’re craving, they have different fusion cheesecake flavors to choose from: Caramel and Almond, Ube and Macapuno, and Blue Cheese, Fig, and Walnut!

Check Osvaldo’s Cakes out at Door 2, Casa Panolee Building, Loyola St, Obrero.

Yoh Froz

Yoh Froz’s famous Froyo Parfait (Image from the Yoh Froz Davao Facebook page)

Of course, not everyone is into indulging in heavy sweets after a hefty dinner. If you’re one of those people, you can have your post supper treat at the most popular frozen yogurt shop in the city, Yoh Froz. You and your date (or dates!) can split a Froyo Parfait, a combination of their famous frozen yogurt and various healthy fixings such as granola, almonds, and mangoes. It’s a great way to enjoy a fresh and sweet treat without compromising your diet.

Yoh Froz’s famous Frookies. (Image from the Yoh Froz Davao Facebook page)

Another favorite you can try out is their Frookie—a cool treat comprised of their frozen yogurt sandwiched in between two chunky cookies. Flavors you can choose from include Frookie Monster and Berry Velvet. If you’re simply craving something to offset a savory meal, you can always go for the classic soft-serve frozen yogurt as it is, and just add some toppings such as kiwi, tangy fruit syrup, or even chunks of their equally delectable cheesecake!

You can visit Yoh Froz at their two locations, the first one at the Davao Autoville Center, F. Torres Street (near Nonki and Let’s Crab Eat), and the new branch at The Compound, along Tulip Drive.

Confex & Co. Bakehouse

Confex & Co’s Cheesecake Pops (Photo from Confex & Co. Bakehouse’s Facebook page)

If you’re into hearty desserts such as revel bars, you definitely have to visit Confex & Co. Bakehouse. This neighborhood bakery-style dessert shop welcomes you with a charming and warm ambiance complete with the aroma of fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies and bars. If you’re not sure what to try first, you can go with the crowd favorite—their revel bars! Choose from the classic Oatmeal and Chocolate Fudge, Triple Chocolate, and their latest addition, the Matcha Revel Bar.

Confex & Co’s Match Revel Bars (Photo from Confex & Co. Bakehouse’s Facebook page)

Confex also has lots of cakes and cookies available, such as Red Velvet Cake, S’mores Cake, Mango Float Cake, and Chocolate Chip and Double Chocolate Chip cookies. One shouldn’t miss out on their Cheesecake Pops, either! And if you’re looking to pair it up with a nice cup of brew, there’s a wonderful selection of hot and iced coffee to choose from.

You can visit Confex & Co. Bakehouse at their cafe located at Doors 12 & 13, The Site Compound, Jacinto Extension. They also recently opened a stall on the 2nd floor of Gaisano Mall.

Lara Mia Café & Bistro

Just a few of Lara Mia’s bestsellers (Photo from Lara Mia Café & Bistro’s Facebook page)

For a place where you can satisfy your craving for a European feast and get some amazing dessert right after, look no further than Lara Mia Café & Bistro. This cozy little resto tucked away in Juna not only boasts of top-rated pasta and pizza; they are well lauded for their pastries, too. Whether you’re in the mood for some crumbly Apple Pie or fluffy Ube (what they call their ‘F4’) cake, you’re sure to enjoy dessert time.

Lara Mia’s dainty Crème Brulee Cheesecake (Photo from Lara Mia Café & Bistro’s Facebook page)

Their variety of cakes means there is something for everyone. If you’re feeling fancy, you can go for the Crème Brulee Cheesecake, if you want something a bit more comforting, you can go for their Trianon, comprised of dark chocolate mousse and peanut butter crunch. If you’re lucky, you may even chance upon seasonal cakes such as the Okinawa Bubble Cake!

You can try out what they have to offer ahead of time by visiting them at University Ave., corner Talisay St., Juna Subd., Matina.

As one of the prime real estate developers in Davao City, we truly couldn’t be more glad to see a lot of terrific Davaoeño-owned restaurants and cafes continue to pop up all over the city and shake up the local food scene. There’s definitely a lot to choose from when it comes to the dessert department, and hopefully, the selection we’ve rounded up will help you this love month or any time you’re looking for a new foodie stop to try out.

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