The Maa area is home to a number of high end real estate communities in Davao city, such as Woodridge Park and Wood Lane. It is no wonder the area is flourishing commercially and is teeming with new family-friendly restaurants and cafes.

Check out these three little-known food destinations conveniently located along Maa and the Maa-Diversion Road.


1 – Hunter’s Kitchen

There’s nothing like digging into some good old comfort food with your family, and that is what you’ll get at Hunter’s Kitchen. The restaurant serves a delectable variety of Filipino-Chinese favorites with a creative twist.

hunter's kitchen

(c) Image from Hunter’s Kitchen’s Facebook page


With innovative food items such as Bumba Ribs (Humba with Bulad) and a relaxing, cozy atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with bringing the whole family along to Hunter’s Kitchen.

Must-try dishes:

  • Sizzling Beef Brisket with Bone Marrow
  • Bumba Ribs
  • Calamansi Chicken

You can visit Hunter’s Kitchen at 503 South Street, DBP Village, Maa.


2 – Wing Boss

If you’re up for a casual dinner out with the barkada, Wing Boss’s unlimited wings and unlimited rice promo is for you. With 12 flavors of chicken wings to choose from, there’s surely something for everybody. You can go with crowd favorites such as Spiced Garlic chicken wings, or for more adventurous flavors such as Pineapple Teriyaki.

Image from Wing Boss’s Facebook page

(c) Image from Wing Boss’s Facebook page


The zing of the chicken wings is perfectly matched by Wing Boss’s fun and easy-going vibe. It’s a great place for everyone to come together and catch up over plates of wings.

Must-try dishes:

  • Wing Boss Special
  • Garlic Parmesan
  • Seasoned Teriyaki

Gather up the squad and head on over to Wing Boss at Unit C-04 Building 3, Lombardy, Palmetto Place, Maa.


3 – Cafe Tribu

Looking for a lowkey place for those long conversations over good food and, more important, great coffee? Cafe Tribu uses 100% Philippine-grown coffee beans to serve up hot brews and refreshing frappes. Surprisingly, the cafe also has a great selection of full meals, including Ilocano specialties such as Dinakdakan, as the owner hails from Ilocos.

Image from Cafe Tribu’s Facebook page

(c) Image from Cafe Tribu’s Facebook page


Whether you’re spending quality time over lunch, snacks, dinner, or dessert, you’re sure to find something you’ll want to try.

Must-try dishes:

  • Dinakdakan
  • Beef Caldereta
  • Matcha Frappe

Time to prep for that date night at Cafe Tribu’s Diversion Road branch in Door 7, Caltex Gas Station, Diversion Road, Maa.

These are just some of the new must-try food spots in the area. For more dining options, check out The Shoppes at Wood Lane, a commercial complex by Davao’s premier real estate developer.


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