Who doesn’t love celebrating milestones? From baby showers to birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions—there’s always a reason to throw a party for loved ones and friends.

For Davao’s premier stylists Khim Cruz and Annie Paz Lim, it’s all about going the extra mile so their clients can make the most of every celebration. In this feature, the two event experts share some of the most important things to consider so your next event makes a lasting impression.


How will an event stand out? For Khim and Annie, it all starts with a theme that perfectly suits the client. “Every event we do has its own unique characters. We talk to clients to get what they want and make the best proposal for them,” says Annie.  Khim likewise posits, “It’s important to listen to what the client wants so I can transform any venue to their liking.”

28379018_1668661979894765_1331617010748738731_nGive your guests an experience that will sweep them off their feet

Knowing what you want is essential before laying the groundwork. Once the event theme is set, with a little creativity or with the help of talented stylists like Annie and Khim, anything is possible!

38891258_914898312036544_8811623808633929728_oGet inspired by nature


For both stylists, the key to staying unique is learning, working hard, reinventing, and personalizing. “I always make sure each event is intricately detailed and different from the others,” says Khim. “It’s about seeing the kind of elements my clients want and putting them together to create a unique experience through visuals, texture, and colors,” she adds.

39199488_1871871339573827_5458033431755620352_oNothing beats going for simplicity and elegance

When assessing decor, focus first on what makes sense for the occasion.  It’s easier to source materials for design and production with a motif in mind.  “Most of the time, everything is customized and produced locally,” Khim says.

17038500_643226385870406_8728389235168695663_oSmall details on the theme and decor can make or break your event


Venue is part of the draw of the event so choose one that will enhance your theme—and perhaps save you money without limiting your creativity.

Leuvy-Enchanted-Fairy-Garden-08The styling and décor should set the scene and wow your audience

Planning a major production like song and dance numbers, acrobatic acts, and the like? Make sure that the space is big enough for all these. Annie recommends holding a brainstorming session with the client in order to find the best venue depending on the kind of event, number of guests, and budget.  Consider a site that caters to your needs. Couple it with good lighting to enhance the mood and engagement of event goers.

39192270_919338954925813_2033560121509937152_oAlign your venue and theme to deliver a memorable atmosphere

Both stylists believe that choosing and working with a unique venue can be a lot of fun as it pushes one’s creativity to the extreme. Khim notes that more people seek out non-traditional spaces—both outdoor and intimate venues. These venues are usually more versatile, making it easier to customize the space.


Great chefs say, “You eat with your eyes first,” and nothing can be truer during special events, where guests look with anticipation to a feast.

Get creative with your caterer and stylist to turn food into art and decor that guests will enjoy.

davao events photo 8Make sure guests indulge by offering them savory food in delectable grazing tables

Annie notes that more and more people look for grazing tables and light cocktail options. These food trends are very versatile and can complement just about any event. Mix materials so things look natural, and don’t be afraid to place food on and around props. Creating varying heights also adds interest to the set up. “I choose fresh produce in different colors and I allocate spaces for greenery and florals to add texture to the visual masterpiece,” she shares.

Khim also recommends mobile food and drink options to elevate the dining experience. Food carts and mobile bars add casual fun to events, as these allow your guests to experiment and be more interactive.


25351975_770584429801267_7449851760549946635_oCapture the moments that matter

Of course, special moments at celebrations are always worth capturing and remembering.

Be sure to prepare the budget for photography and videography beforehand. Get down to the nitty gritty of the program flow and prepare a shot list so photographers will know what to expect.

Choose a photographer whose style suits the event’s needs and budget. Discuss the most creative ways to tell the event’s story. Use a mix of wide-angle and close-up shots, candid and posed, and images that convey emotion and action.

With these tips in mind, your next event will surely be unforgettable. Remember, it’s the little details that count. Have fun putting these together, and the effect will be spectacular!

You can also work with two of Davao’s premier event stylists for your next big event. Visit Khim Cruz’s website (http://www.khimcruz.com) or contact Annie Paz Lim at 09177171068.

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