This Chinese New Year, we usher in the Year of the Dog, an animal that symbolizes intelligence, protection, and loyalty in the Chinese zodiac. Dogs are known to be friendly and peaceful: two traits that will hopefully translate to less conflict and more serenity in your life this 2018.

Ring in the New Year with cheers and redesign according to feng shui predictions to invite wealth and good fortune. Here are some interior design tips that will attract positive energy and luck into your doorstep:


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According to Johnson Chua, feng shui coach at Sunrise Merchandise, we should pay attention to the main entrance because this serves as the entryway of the life energy called qi. This is also where good and bad energy is filtered. Make sure there are no broken things by your doorway because it attracts unpleasant energy. Keep it well-lit and place a doormat either in green (for prosperity) or yellow (for stability).


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Another tip is to avoid decors that are pointed and dry looking because these produce bad qi. Instead, start looking for metallic ornaments or figures as these enhance your luck for good money. Determine the southeast sector of your home and put plants or a water fountain in this area.



Decorate your home with luck activators. The luckiest decors are red in color such as the red Chinese lanterns. Hang them on your house door because they are believed to drive away the bad luck. Red paper cuttings with the image of the animal for the year (dog for 2018) can also be placed on windows for added luck and happiness.



Don’t overcrowd your living room. Let the positive energy flow freely in your home by having ample space. Also, place furniture in the west and south areas so they are well lit by the sun during the day.


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The bedroom is the space for quiet and peace. Make it an area where you can rest and reenergize by discarding artificial decors and replacing it with natural elements. Take out the fake plants and replace it with a nice succulent or potted plant you can put beside the bed.



The dining room is not just a place where families share meals, it is also the central part of home where everyone converges. To allow qi to flow throughout this space, choose a round or oval shaped dining table.


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