Christmas is the season for so many joyful moments. It’s the season for reuniting with family, for gifting loved ones with tokens of affection, and even for overeating—and promptly enrolling in a gym. But the true meaning of Christmas lies in how much of our individual blessings we can share with those close to us and, more importantly, with those who need it most.

As the Christmas festivities heighten the spirit of charity and compassion in our communities, here is a list of organizations to which you may wish to donate.


Love the Children Foundation


Love the Children Foundation provides an alternative home with the goal of “developing children’s full potentials” in a holistically supportive environment. One of their programs is a monthly “kids appreciation day,” where house parents prepare a program to recognize children for being “most responsible, neat & clean, honest, and helpful,” among other virtues. This builds self-confidence and self-worth among the kids.

The kids of Love the Children Foundation (LTCF) also have a special bond with the Alsons Dev employees. This year, Alsons Dev employees had a gift-giving program with them, and gave them a tour of the field office.

Contact & Donation details:

Telefax: (082) 291-4645

Donate via their website


Our Lady of Victory Training Center

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In 1981, Sister Cecelia Wood, Sister Maria del Rey, and Sister John Irene Mahoney opened the Our Lady of Victory Training Center. The center began in a rented house, but has since expanded to multiple locations, taking care of thousands of disabled children in Davao and nearby areas. They follow a values-based rehabilitation program, which instills character and Christian values in the children, together with important livelihood skills.

Contact details:

Tel No: (082)284-5360



Welfare Action Foundation of Davao Inc. (Boys Town Davao)


Established decades ago by a psychologist named Dr. Lourdes “Unding” Solis, Boystown Davao aims to rehabilitate street children in Davao who are found begging, or being used by professional criminals. Through the help of generous individuals, the organization has grown over the years, gaining more resources and facilities with which it could better provide food, clothing, shelter, and education for the kids. At the moment, Boys Town Davao regularly sends kids to skills training courses, and has begun sending some of them to four-year college courses. A donation would certainly strengthen their efforts to uplift the lives of street children.

Contact & Donation details:


Telephone No: (082) 244-0496


Philippine Eagle Foundation


The Philippine Eagle is one of the three largest and most powerful eagles in the world, as well as one of the most majestic. Sadly, over the years, it has also become one of the world’s most critically endangered species. The Philippine Eagle Foundation was established with the belief that the Philippine Eagle’s fate is closely tied to the fate of our biodiversity, our environment, and of Philippine life-at-large.

The foundation undertakes natural breeding programs, together with incubation, rearing, and mentoring. However, on top of this, it pursues critical conservation projects that protect the natural habitat of the Philippine Eagle, not just for the benefit of the eagles, but also for the “millions of marginal income families who also rely on the forest to survive.”

Contact & Donation details:


Telephone No: +630823241860, +639177198093

Donate via their website



Photo 1 from Love the Children Foundation Website

Photo 2 from Presidential Communications Operations Office

Photo 3 from the Boys Town Davao Facebook page

Photo 4 from Flicker via shankar s. CC BY 2.0.