Summertime may be over, but that doesn’t mean the end of family getaways.

Eden Ridge and Fernwood, our vacation home communities in Eden, Toril, are just a short drive away from the city center, allowing you to easily slip away from the bustling metropolis on weekends.

Here are a few family bonding activities you can do at Eden Ridge and Fernwood:

Have the freedom to move in Eden Ridge

Whether you enjoy working out outdoors or working the room during get-togethers, Eden Ridge has the amenities that allow you to do your favorite things.

Level up your workouts at the Linear Parks

Linear Park Fitness Station 3

The weekend is an ideal time to catch up on your fitness goals, and Eden Ridge has the amenities to help you stay fit. The Linear Parks feature fitness stations that are great for equipment-based workouts. You can also invite your loved ones to join you in the parks’ jogging and biking paths. The fresh air and lush greenery will recharge you between sessions, helping you achieve maximum results.

Have a playdate at the Village Park

Zip Line 2

Physical play is a great way to trick yourself and your family into becoming more active. Round up the clan and enjoy a day of sports and play at the Village Park. Organize parlor games at the mini soccer field or host a friendly match at the basketball half-court. Be sure to cap off the day with a hearty picnic at the park’s gazebo.

Get the party started at the Clubhouse


Becoming an ace party host requires choosing the right venue. Our elegant Clubhouse features a spacious veranda, an al fresco lanai, and a cozy den, so your guests will have plenty of room to mingle in style. It’s the perfect backdrop for what’s sure to be a memorable get-together.                                                                                                                                                             

Take it slow at Fernwood

If you’re searching for opportunities to reacquaint yourself with life’s simple joys, look no further than Fernwood. Its amenities were designed to allow residents and guests to bond with their families while communing with nature.

Throw a BBQ picnic at Myrtle Park

myrtle park

Myrtle Park makes for a refreshing venue for small barbecue picnics with your closest friends and family. For the best experience, schedule your get-together on a bright and breezy afternoon. Set up your grill, cook your favorite barbecue fare, lay down a few picnic blankets and pillows, and keep a cooler of ice-cold drinks handy for all your guests.

Settle down for an afternoon of board games at the Pavilion


Bring the family together for a cozy afternoon of board games and hot chocolate at the Pavilion. A shared love for classic games like Monopoly or Scrabble will keep everyone in high spirits for hours on end. After all, everyone enjoys a little bit of friendly family competition.

At Alsons Properties, we believe that the key to spending our weekends well is to do things that genuinely bring us joy with the people we love most. We hope that these suggestions prove helpful in planning your next weekend getaway.


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